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auger heavy machinery

auger heavy machinery Pile Driv
auger heavy machinery Pile Driv

auger heavy machinery Pile Driver floor plan   1. Top sheave
2. Leader
3. Auger machine
4. Screw rod
5. Screw band
6. Catch fork
7. Main wire line
8. Back stay
9. Electric generator
10. Electric wire
11. Mortar mixing plant
12. Grout hose

Specification DH508-110M DH608-135M Specification DH558-120M DH658-120M
Winch line speed,
66/33(m/min) 64/32(m/min) Permissible travelling mass 114t 136t
line pull,max 14,200(kg/f) 15,800(kg/f)
Swing speed 2.5(rpm) 2.9(rpm) Permissible auger torque 13t.m
Max operating weight 108,000(kg/f) 127,000(kg/f) Permissible suspension load 55t 65t
Ground contacting area 79,221(cm²) 83,060(cm²) Gyratory leader 135° 135°
Crane boom length,
basic to max
10~49(m) 13~55(m) Main drum capacity 340m(Ф20) 500m(Ф20)
Third drum capacity 245m(Ф20) 340m(Ф20)

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